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Stress has been reported to be a major risk factor for a sudden surge of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). This one factor is linked to several other related problems like obesity, diabetes and smoking.

The Healing Zone

We apparently have an immense reservoir of natural healing energy lying dormant along our Vital Axis which extends from the top of the skull to the tip of the spine. This metaphysical zone is a part of Cosmic Master Plan and has a series of Healing Centers called the Chakras which are like spinning spheres of energy. These charkas correspond to major hormonal glands & nerve plexus of our anatomical framework. Their activation has profound effects not only on our metabolism, but also on our DNA coding & intracellular makeup.

They can be biologically correlated with the anatomical land marks, hormonal glands and Sympathatic/Parasympathetic components of neurological system. They connect us to Healing Intelligence of Nature.

Stress Management

Dr. Neelam Verma has developed Stress Management Sessions for Healthy Heart.


Dr Neelam Verma is also a author. She composes both , in Hindi and English. She writes in several formats , like Verse, Free Verse, Haiku and Ghazal.