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Dr. Neelam Verma, MD

Dr Neelam Verma is a Physician- Cardiologist.

She is a Consultant Physician and Cardiologist and is also a pioneer in providing Integrative Medical Care through combining her Medical Expertise with Stress Management programme specially dedigned for Healthy Heart.

The programme is simple to practice and improves our Natural Healing Intelligence through Bio-Cosmic Feedback System which modifies our immunity and hormonal biochemistry.

The Programme
'Heal Your Heart - Before the Attack'

Recent scientific studies have shown an epidemic of Coronary Artery(CAD) Disease as a major health challange. It has been noticed that Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) leading to heart attack does not begin with a chest pain.

It begins at least 10-15 years ago as thickened plaques in the fatty streaks over the inner surface of the coronary arteries. There is enough time to control and reverse these changes if the stage of minimal damage can be detected and treated. The very fact that the age of onset of Heart Attack has slipped down from 60 to 20 shows how serious the situation is In recent studies and needs to be managed under a scientific protocol.

Healing Rhythm for Stress Management

Neelam- Poetry and Beyond

Neelam Verma is a Poetess, a Dancer and a Cardio-Physician.

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Healing Rhythms

Healing Rhythms of Yoga and Meditation.

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