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Dr. Neelam Verma, MD

Dr. Neelam Verma, MD, is a Consultant Physician and Cardiologist. She believes in going beyond the conventional limits of her medical practice.

She is a pioneer in applying the traditional Yogic Science to expand modern therapeutic effectiveness. Her innovative programs of Healing Rhythms improve our Natural Healing Intelligence through Bio-Cosmic Feedback Mechanism and modify our Immune Biochemistry.Her sessions of Healing Rhythms for Healthy Heart are specifically designed to Heal the heart before the attack

Healing Rhythms Sessions include

  • Healing Music
  • Basic Yogic Exercises
  • Harmonized Pranayam
  • Guided Meditation
  • Divine Dance Yoga

In the peaceful ambiance of Vedic Gram she combines these sessions with various other forms of Alternative therapies, Ayurveda principles, Naturopathy and Nourishing Diet Plans to provide Integrative Medical Care under her personal supervision

Healing Rhythms Sessions by Dr. Neelam Verma

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